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Oral stories

In a globalized world where identities mixed, orality, that thing that links man most closely to his family, social and ethnic group, remains as an important element for the own recognition, for understanding the own origin without forgetting the past and present to which one belongs. It is important to become aware of these little treasures, these realities with their own life and brilliance, are daily threatened by the oblivion.

This is a truestory. A family with some sheep lives in a small adobe house on a mountain not far from the village. When the children are not at school, they help their parents with the herding of the sheep and with the housework.

With the first days of heat, they get together with other families to shear the sheep; it is a great day because at the end they always celebrate, play music, dance and thank God for the goods received.

Grandma Yoyu goes out every year to look for the "saqta", a root that is grated to make the best soap for washing wool.

Then, for several weeks, the women spin the fleeces of wool and dye them.

Each color is obtained from natural pigments that are hoarded throughout the year. Seeds, flowers, roots and even small insects such as the cochineal from which the most intense reds are obtained.

At the end of the process, the colors are fixed with salts that are collected in ancient salt flats.

This "know-how" is not written, it is an oral story that is transmitted from generation to generation, it is based on experience and stories that keep the accumulated wisdom alive. Some stories that it is a privilege and a duty to preserve...

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