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In a continuous searching process, and always faithful to a particular way of understanding life, I´ve started this project, driven by my passion for the essence of human being, simplicity and beauty.


My name is Loreto and after several decades training people I started a journey that led me to the heart of the Andes.

At 4000 meters I have discovered another way of living life, weaving, where the imperfect is beautiful because it tells us stories about women, dreams and ideals. About the nature and the earth.

Through the work done by these communities we want to bring to our homes the beauty of the colors of the Altiplano, the textures of the earth, the ancestral wisdom of the Aymara culture and above all, another way of understanding life, far from massive industrial production, cold and synthetic. We propose a return to the essence of the natural.

By working directly with local communities, we create a connection with them, making their work visible and making a fair exchange that allows their development while maintaining their traditions and culture.

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