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The deep meaning of the Christmas tree

The deep meaning of the Christmas tree

Christmas is most special time of the year. Everyone finds a reason to feel brotherhood, to get together as a family and leave problems aside. Each of the symbols has a very deep meaning.

One symbol is the popular Christmas tree. It was a tradition of the ancient European Nordic people to decorate certain evergreen trees during the last days of December, when nature seems slept and cold. Its perennial green was a symbol of immortality. Upon converting to Christianity, the early Christians retained the tradition, but totally changed the meaning, referring it to Christ.

Saint Boniface arrived in the city of Geismar on Christmas Eve and uprooted an oak. In its place, the next day, Christmas Day, he planted an small green pine tree, and pointed it out as a symbol of the birth of the Son of God. From then on, a green tree decorated with shiny objects lights up the houses, a symbol of the eternal life that Christ brought to the world. From northern Europe the tradition spread to the United States and from there to the entire world.

Once again, we have designed some Christmas decorations with our looms. Moons, hearts and stars that want to invite us not to stop dreaming, to seek the light that guides our path and to give the best that we have inside. The money raised from the sale of these decorations will go entirely to finance scholarships in Peru


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