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Handmade woven rugs by women heirs of the Aimara tradition. With dyes and processes obtained from nature, each frazada is unique


alfombras etnicas, ethnic rugs, tapis, puffs
cojines etnicos. cushions, ethnic coussins
Bio shoes. Zuecos exclusivos
ethnic bag, bolsos, belts, cinturones
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The "blankets" with which we make the ethnic cushions are woven in the heart of the Andes at an altitude of more than 4000 meters following an ancestral process transmitted from generation to generation. Made entirely by hand, the colors are obtained from natural dyes, and their designs and colors have their own meaning. Through them, the women who weave them tell a story, their story. Therefore, each piece is unique and singular.

It takes about a month to handloom a carpet, and in many cases it is done in remote mountain villages. That is why our ethnic cushions are unique.

Blankets have multiple uses and thus, they can become ethnic rugs and tapestries. We also use them to make the Baimara ethnic cushions that characterize us, headboards, puffs and bags.

Our project's main axis is the development of the local communities with which we work directly, as well as the survival of these traditions, making the richness and beauty of the Altiplano reach every corner. An ethnic cushion that is part of an exciting story.

cojines etnicos

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comprar cojines etnicos online


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